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Meeting Room
Meeting Room

Virtual Meeting/Conference Rooms

Consults/Private Meeting Space

As a provider of Virtual Assistance Services, people tend to ask us questions about meeting rooms. IA Meeting Rooms are meant for smaller groups of people who have the intention to collaborate or brainstorm together. We provide basic technology, if needed, but the space is mainly there to facilitate interpersonal work. 


Virtual Assistance 

Administrative tasks take up a huge portion of a healthcare practice’s & companies daily to-do list. From data entry work such as transferring physical health history forms to your digital database to keeping track of your appointments, there are a lot of admin tasks that need doing within a healthcare facility/practice & company. A home-based healthcare or company virtual assistant can take care of many of these tasks in order to improve workflow, save time, and generally make your practice/company a lot more efficient.

Here are some of the administrative duties that a remote healthcare/company VA can do at IA Creative Services:​

  • EMR/EHR Data Management

  • Patient Appointment Scheduling

  • Insurance Verification / Eligibility Processing

  • Medical Authorizations

  • Front office Tasks / Clerical Functions

  • Medical Billing / Collections

  • Revenue Cycle Administrative Functions

  • Expense Tracking / Invoice Processing 

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Virtual Meeting

Customer Support Tasks

Virtual Assistance

Assisting your customers/clients with their questions, taking calls, answering chat messages, and responding to emails are also usually part of a healthcare / company virtual assistant’s task list. Think of them as online receptionists. Having them do these things allows your in-house staff to focus more on things that can only be done when physically present. This means that healthcare professionals and company staff have more hands-on people at their physical location without sacrificing the fast service that their customers deserve.

Here are some of the customer support duties that a remote healthcare/company VA can do at IA Creative Services:

  • Online Receptionist Duties

  • Email Support

  • Phone Support 

  • Text Support

  • Online Chat Support

  • Answering General Patient Questions

Healthcare Facilities/Practice, Business & Companies

Virtual Assistance Offered Too

Practically any type of healthcare practice, small business or company has something to gain by hiring a virtual assistant; IA Creative Virtual Assistant can provide such a wide range of services. In many cases, IA Virtual Assistant can also be easily trained to handle tasks that are specific to a certain type of practice, small business or company. 

  • Clinics and Medical Offices / Telehealth

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

  • Birth Centers

  • Private / Group Practice

  • Healthcare Facilities Internal Departments

  • Dental Clinics

  • Mental Healthcare Facilities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Physical Therapy and other Rehabilitation Centers

  • Small Business Office

  • Corporate / Industrial Office

We consult Medical, Healthcare, Dental & Administrative Management on how they can utilize a IA Virtual Assistant (HVA- VOA) to improve workflow, save time, and make more money by removing the burden of other back-office tasks.

Business Meeting
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